Friday, February 5, 2010

Feels Like Wednesday

So remember how I told you that I love menu planning because I don't worry about what to cook or have to go grocery shopping all week. Yeah well this week I am wishing I had listened to myself.

Sunday I decided to go visit a friend who is visiting her mother in Orange County. I love a day at the beach and I don't think that I had seen this girl in over 4 years so I was all about visiting. I said I would leave around 12 thinking it would be an hour drive at most and I would have time to menu plan, and go to the Farmer's Market before I left. Well it turns out I'm lazy and The Boy convinced me that we didn't need to go to the Farmer's Market and we should sleep instead. And I listened. I had a great time at the beach but I have been kicking myself all week for not shopping.

Then I said, well I don't work until late on Monday, so I will grocery shop after I go to the library to pick out books for all my lessons this week. This did not go well. I had an upset stomuch the whole time I was at the library and I came home and laid in bed all pathetic like for an hour or so hoping the my stomach would calm down. It didn't. I got worse (I'll spare you the details) so I called The Boy hoping he would go get me some ginger ale and crackers. He ended up taking off work and making me go to the doctors. The doctor chastised me for not coming in sooner (it was a really bad case of sinusitis and being a person with a ton of allergies and lots of experience with sinus headaches I should have come in earlier. I just hate taking anti-biotics. I'd rather be sick.). Then Tuesday was packed with work stuff. So long story short I didn't get around to a meal plan until Wednesday. And it was stressing me out.

Anyway, I made the most amazing Indian Curry in the CrockPot last night. The Boy even ate it (after he picked out the vegetables. lesigh...). And I already told you about how I invented CrockPot Queso and Mac with Sausage (amaaaazing!). Tonight is leftovers. Probably will have that Saturday too. I'm making some delicious food for the SuperBowl on Sunday. And I don't plan on cooking until then because the fridge is packed with leftovers. Does anyone want to come help eat them?

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