Friday, June 4, 2010

No-Fuss Doesn't Mean No Order

So when I went on vacation to Maine a couple of weeks ago I had my bedroom area almost exactly how I wanted it.  And then, through packing, unpacking and bringing back the whittled down contents of storage unit, suddenly it looked like this again:

And I decided, there is no way that I am going to be able to study for grad school (which I will have started by the time you read this) in this kind of mess.  So I spent the day, cleaning, organizing and (most importantly) watching season 3 of Sex and the City on DVD.

So here are the before:

And now on the after:
The desk area

Wire cubes filled with books and teaching materials

The desk

In/out tray with my Rolodex (the rolodex is another post)

This desk doesn't have any drawers so we have a 3 drawer rolling cart.

Let's have look in those drawers shall we?

Extra supplies.  
Notice how I have whole section dedicated to postie notes.
I have entered a 12-step program for postie note addiction.

Anyway, I got the boxes on the clearance at (of all places) the grocery store.
They are plastic pencil boxes and I just leave them open and use them as dividers.

In here we have checkbooks, envelopes, address labels, stamps and some computer stuff

Paper (regular and heavy weight), extra binders, and page protectors

The best organizational idea ever!
These are my iPod sync cord and camera sync cord.  
I use them all the time and so I like them out but I don't want them taking up desk space. 
 I sent out an SOS on Facebook and one of my friends sent me this link.
In his words it's "crazy brilliant".

The desk is right next to the bed so it doubles as a side table.
This is pile of reading material.

It's not totally done.  I want to switch the places of the wire cubes and the tall boy dresser.  I also need do a sort and purge of the other (unpictured, purposely) side of the room.  But for now it is good.  I have place to study and get this grad school thing done.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Things I love about being home in Maine:
  • Trees (There is a severe lack of tree in Los Angeles)

  • DUNKIN DONUTS (You knew that one was coming)
  • Nature sounds
  • Adorable cousins

  • Driving the Turnpike without any traffic
  • Laddie

  • Awesome friends

  • Italian sandwiches from Sam's (I've attempted to re-create them but it's just not the same)

  • Chatting with my mom
  • Lunch with my dad
  • General foolish-ness with my brother
  • This group